GBA President Tony Forson accused of Canadian lawyer Kuukuwa Andam in US; accuser drops exclusive info [Details]

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Tony Forson, President of the Ghana Bar Association, has broken his silence on the rape allegation levelled against him by Canadian-based lawyer Kuukuwa Andam, saying he leaves his accuser to God.

According to the report, Mr Forson allegedly abused the Ghanaian intellectual in a Washington, DC hotel in 2012, according to a series of Facebook posts by the Ghanaian intellectual.

“6 years ago, I was raped in a hotel in Washington DC by a married man I had been dating for a couple of months to make ends meet. We met up in the hotel & I refused to have sex without a condom but he went ahead anyway & then refused to speak to me throughout the night.

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“I still remember how gross I felt when he forced himself inside me, how my body seemed to separate from my spirit/ soul, how I could feel myself floating in the room above me. I still remember the heartbreaking ride from Washington DC where I met him to Ithaca where I was going to school at Cornell. I don’t know how I found my way home,” she wrote on social media in 2019.

Reacting to the claim, Mr Forson told Francis Abban on the Morning Starr “it’s a very painful event, extremely painful especially for those who have known me.

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“The few persons of the female extraction I know, know how I find that particular act abhorrent. That’s how I live my life. So, whatever motivated that, I leave it to God and I leave it at that,” he ended.

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