George Quaye Has Been Taking Bribe From The Gospel Musicians – Kwasi Aboagye Alleges

Peace FM entertainment show host, Kwasi Aboagye has accused George Quaye, PRO for Vodafone Ghana Music Awards of taking cash from musicians promising them of awards.

The radio presenter on Thursday’s edition of his show advised Mr. Quaye to resign as spokesperson for the awards. He added that he should not go 400 meters close to “anything that has to do with Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.”


According to him, many Ghanaians including musicians have accused organisers of the awards of taking bribe from undeserving people to award them so he least expected the Pundit Show host to make that “careless” allegation.


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He stated clearly that “George is the person who has been collecting money from people”. The entertainment show host explained that no individual at Charterhouse would request cash from musicians assuring them of winning awards aside George Quaye.


He posited that nobody can influence VGMAs board to win an award due to how the scheme is structured.


“George Quaye should resign as PRO for VGMAs. After resigning as spokesperson, he should not come 400 meters close to anything related to the music awards.

The scheme has been suffering from perception that people have been paying bribe. Musicians upon musicians have been accusing the scheme of taking bribe to award certain people. The reason why I’m saying George should resign is that, George is the person who has been taking cash from people.

If it is not George who has been requesting cash from the musicians, then who has been doing so? Is it Nii Ayittey Hammond, Iyiola Ayoade, Theresah or who?

Anyone who tells you he can take bribe for you to win award is deceiving you looking at how the scheme works. Judging from what I know about the awards, nobody can take money and make you win one. Nobody can influence anybody to win award at VGMAs so when I hear those things I always laugh.

So for George to make that allegation, it means that he is the one who has been doing.

He later asked bosses at Charterhouse to take action against George Quaye for his bribery claim because what he said “bothers on the credibility of the awards”.




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