Get Familiar With Sentini, The Beautiful Afro Pop Musician With Brains

International Artiste Sentinidimarka Grunberg who goes by the stage name Sentini has released her latest track dubbed “Gimme Life” featuring Rythymz. Sentini had a chat with where she brought to life all there is to know about her career, music, education and personal life.

  1. Tell us about your background.

I have an academic background, a Bachelor Degree in medical biology and Master Degree in Management and Entrepreneurship in Health and Life Sciences. I studied at VU University in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2. How long have you been singing?

I have been singing since I was 9. I was also a bright student in school, so I focused more on my academics. In my teens, next to my high school, I was a professional Cheerleader and HipHop dancer and performed with the Harlem Globetrotters, Sean Paul and many other international artists.

I was born in Amsterdam and have roots in Suriname, South America. After traveling the world I lived a couple years in Los Angeles, California and in the Caribbean island of Curaçao. Now I spends time in Accra, Ghana focusing on my music career and online marketing and music promo business Jungo


3. Is this your first single? If not how many singles have you released?

Gimme Life is my 6th single but my first collaboration with a Ghanaian artist as I feature @rythmz_music on the song.
The other singles I released while being here in Ghana are “Ovary Song”, “I’m With You” and “Groove On”. You can listen to them on all platforms, Audiomack, Spotify, Boomplay etc. I have a music videos for “Ovary Song: shot in the Netherlands and “Groove On” shot in Los Angeles, USA. Another single of mine is an Afrobeats song “Summer Vibe” that is recorded and made on the Caribbean island Curaçao

4. Have you had any stage performances? If yes how many? If no, when do you plan to?

Yes, I have a lot of stage performance experience internationally as a dancer, singer and public speaker. I started in my teens as a professional dancer and performed for thousands of people in The Netherlands. I also performed in Los Angeles and Suriname. Here in Ghana I did many shows during the Holiday season in 2020, at the YFM Awards at the X-mas event of YFM radio, I performed on ETV twice at “Can You Karaoke?” and performed with a Live band multiple times at various venues. At the end of the year I organized my own Reggae Karaoke Night at The Blank Lounge in Osu.

5. Since the song is a collaboration, do you plan on doing more with more artists? And which ones?

Gimme Life is a collaboration with Rythmz, he is from Madina, and yes I am planning to do more collaborations with Ghanaian artists as well as artists of other African countries. With which artist I will collaborate next is in God’s hands!

6. How did you discover your music talent?

I discovered it when I was 9 and wrote my first song. But I was insecure about my voice as I found that it sounded different from the singers I looked up to, like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Aaliyah. Ultimately that shyness of my voice faded after a lot of vocal coaching and performance training by various experts in The Netherlands and Los Angeles, USA. That’s why I am also planning on giving performance coaching here in Ghana and other African countries to raise the standard of excellence for stage performance.

Sentini’s latest song featuring Rythymz

7. How has the support being like from your family and friends?
I waited for a long time to really show my musical talent. My grandparents played a big role in my life and their focus was more on my education as I was a bright student. However, my mother has always been very supportive of my creative development and advised me to combine my academic skills with my musical talents. Therefore, I now as an independent artist have my own marketing and music promo company Jungo

8. A lot of people say doing music is hard. What is your take on it?
For me creating new songs is not hard, I love to write new lyrics in multiple languages as I speak Dutch, Surinamese, English. Also melodies just come to me even in my dreams. The hard part of doing music is the business side. Promoting my songs and making sure it reaches new fans all over the world.

Bio About Sentini

Sentini is an independent artist bringing a mixture of Afrobeats, Afropop, R&B, Neosoul and Hiphop. Sentini was born in Amsterdam and has roots in Suriname, South America. After traveling the world she lived a couple years in Los Angeles, California, the caribbean island of Curaçao and now in Accra, Ghana.

She has been a public speaker for over 12 years, speaking internationally at various Fortune 500
companies and has interviewed thought leaders such as Stedman Graham, Oprah Winfrey’s partner, with her online TV show. Next to this Sentini is a published author who has written 2 books in Dutch. She is a scholar and has an academic background is in medical biology (Bachelor degree) and she has a Masters degree in Management and Entrepreneurship in Health and Life Sciences. Sentini’s number one passion is music which, amongst her tech company Jungo, has brought her to Ghana.

You can find her on all social media: @sentinimusic

Writing is the painting of the voice. The desire is to write until it becomes as natural as breathing. Fitting in is so boring so why not stand out? For bookings to events, and to Feature on our site call or text me on 0549483972 Or email me [email protected]


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