Get A FREE Decoder & Watch 100 Plus Amazing Channels From StarTimes Now-Grab It While It Lasts

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Yes! Get a FREE decoder for your home from StarTimes Ghana Ltd, a leading digital tv operator in Africa. StarTimes Ghana is changing the phase of content on your TV and would want you to enjoy great content everyday and you shouldn’t deny yourself this opportunity.

As a blogger, I like to bring you guys amazing deals on the market and this is one that I would recommend to anyone because it’s a great deal and no one should turn down the offer.

Okay, so Star Times like I mentioned earlier is a digital tv operator and as Ghana is making the switch to digital television, everyone would soon need a digital decoder to join the new side and that’s when StarTimes comes in for you.

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StarTimes owns a featured content platform, with 480 authorized channels consisting of news, movies, series, sports, entertainment, children’s programs, fashion, religion and much more.

With a star times decoder, you can watch over 100 plus channels on your decoder aside the normal tv channels in Ghana, you already watch. And with other international channels on the platform, you can watch the best of movies, series, music videos, documentaries and soo much more.

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Some of the channels on there are MTV Base, Trace Africa, Nickelodeon, BBC, Movies channel, Nat Geo and 100s of other channels, I might not be able to mention in this blog post.

If you are someone who wants to enjoy great content and you don’t have a Startimes decoder yet, then you should grab the FREE decoder they are offering now.

So How DO I Get IT?

Okay, so StarTimes is giving away FREE decoders with just one condition. Pay for 2 months subscription of their premium package which costs just 60ghc (Very very cheaper than their competitors and even they have much more exciting content) and get yourself the decoder. The decoder costs Ghc140 on a normal day, before you would pay for a subscription but now, that cost of buying the decoder has been eliminated for you, so all you need to do is pay for the subscription for 2 months which would cost you Gh120 ONLY!

Remember I shared with you about the new telenovela which is showing on their telenovela channel, “Novela ” right? Read it here again if you missed it. It’s just one of the many amazing channels on there you can enjoy.

New Acclaimed Telenovela ‘Along Came Love’ Showing On StarTimes’s Novela 1 Is A Must Watch


Where Can I buy one?

Yes, you can visit any retail shop selling it or just place a call to their hotline number 030 2748188 to make further enquiries or where to get one to buy.


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