Some Ghallywood Stars Think Acting In A Kumawood Movie Means They’ve Stooped So Low-James Gardiner

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One of Ghana’s finest actors, James Gardiner has expressed his desire to feature in any Kumawood movie in an interview with blogger Zionfelix on his ‘Celebrity Ride With Zionfelix’ Youtube show.

James Gardiner who is currently signed to Zylofon Media told Zionfelix that, although he’s never featured in any Kumawood movie yet, he’s passionate about featuring in one, once the script and the storyline is good.

Gardiner said on the show that, most of the Ghallywood stars do not think that, Kumawood is below their standard, although people are of the impression that, they feel they are bigger than Kumawood.

But Gardiner also added that there are some of his colleagues who feel that, acting in a Kumawood movie, makes them look like they are now poor and have stooped low.

“some of our colleagues feel that if they shoot Kumawood movies, it looks like they are becoming poor and they have stooped so low to shoot such movies.” He quickly added that “if you say something like that then you mean the Kumawood actors don’t have a class”.

James Gardiner used the opportunity to advise his friends to get rid of that mentality about Kumawood as he feels, if Kumawood was less of a class like some of his colleagues think, then there wouldn’t be any star from there, like we have.

if Kumawood was less of a class, we would not be getting stars from the industry”.

Watch the full interview below:

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