Ghana gov’t taps into King XENODZI’s micro-economic stability advice

Ghana's gov’t taps into King XENODZI's micro-economic stability advice
Ghana's gov’t taps into King XENODZI's micro-economic stability advice

The government has taken King XENODZI’s advice on stabilizing the micro economy. We were all here when King XENODZI advised that there should be a restructuring of the government bonds program at a maximum of 10% rate.

This is exactly what Ghana’s Finance Minister announced yesterday in the footage attached to this publication.

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Thank you, KING XENODZI, for your advice to Ghana’s government.

What a listening Government. So, from the look of things, King XENODZI is great and must be celebrated.

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Truly King XENODZI is secretly becoming Ghana’s Messiah. This government should not forget King XENODZI.

This is because prior to the reading from the camp of Ken Ofori Atta, King XENODZI had already made it emphatic in various press publications that government bonds should be at most 10% rate.

He reiterated that Ghana can succeed with a long-term 10 years government bond program for its citizens at an interest rate of between 3 -10%.

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This according to King XENODZI will reduce government borrowing, reduce inflation and help Ghana’s currency stability as Ghana’s Bond interest rate currently is too high for Nation’s sustainability.

And lo and behold, Ofori Atta made almost the same predictions going into the future in the video below:



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