Ghanaian Actress, Selassie Ibrahim Reveals One Truth About Why The Movie Industry Is Stagnant

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For sometime now, players and stakeholder of the Ghana movie industry have been sharing their opinion on why the movie industry has not been progressing.

Veteran actress and producer, Selassie Ibrahim has blamed the various TV stations and the influx of foreign content as the main stumbling block retarding the growth of the industry. In a recent interview, the adorable actress said until the TV stations changed their stance, the industry will collapse for good.

“The Ghanaian TV stations are stingy when it comes to paying for content. They are not helping. The TV stations have Literally pushed us out of business. How do I go back on set if they are telling me we should do barter. And if you are telling me to give it to you for peanut, how do I pay the writers? “

“The little we produce and take it to them to sell, they are either telling you to do barter or the amount they will tell you will not even pay one artiste. So how can that encourage you to produce and take to the TV station. In as much as we want to help Ghana and tell the Ghanaian story, we are also business people. It is money we are also using to produce movies. When you take a movie elsewhere, they give you a good price but in your own country they are telling you batter.”

She therefore advised Ghanaian TV stations to create space for Ghanaian movie producers so they could also revive the ailing movie industry.

“Every station is flooded with Spanish, India and Chinese Telenovela. Yes, it is good, that is how they make money. But they should also create space for us and be nice to us to help us build the industry,” she noted.

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