A Ghanaian ICT Teacher Finds Favor In The Eyes of Microsoft & His Story Is Inspiring (+ Photos)

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The ultimate task of a passionate instructor in academia or better still a teacher is to make the learners understand the subject matter or content in the curriculum even in the midst of difficulties. Perhaps this has been the hallmark of one Kumasi-based teacher named Owura Kwadwo who teaches Information Communication Technology (ICT).

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On February 15, 2018, teacher Owura Kwadwo did magic in his classroom when the topic for the day was to teach the students “Features of a Word Processing Window/Microsoft Word”. Unfortunately, the school had no computer to be used by the teacher to facilitate the process. This compelled teacher Kwadwo to draw vivid Microsoft Word page on the blackboard with the parts well and visibly labeled. See picture below.

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After the instructional period, teacher Owura Kwadwo took to social media particularly Facebook which is paramount among millennials and shared his experience with his followers perhaps for likes and comments. Truth be told, the power of social media in our times is overwhelming and teacher Kwadwo’s post went viral in the process. He posted on Facebook:

“Teaching of ICT in Ghana’s school is very funny. ICT on the board paa. I love ma students so have to do wat will make them understand Wat am teaching. #committedteacher. #ICTontheboard. #Teacherkwadwo”.

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Like I’ve said, the power of social media exploded in admiration and wonder at his effort to explain how computers work – without computers. Kwadwo’s pictures have since gone viral both on Facebook and Twitter. In the process, a Cameroonian entrepreneur called Rebecca Enonchong set out to find the teacher and also sent a message to Microsoft Africa. She tweeted:

Enonchong sought to find resources to build a computer lab. Her efforts might be yielding fruits already as Microsoft Africa responded: “Supporting teachers to enable digital transformation in education is at the core of what we do. We will equip Owura Kwadwo with a device from one of our partners, and access to our MCE program & free professional development resources on education.microsoft.com”

This man’s post was seen as both a bit of ironic fun about life in Africa but also as a source of inspiration particularly for Africans in the tech community.  The good news is that teacher Owura Kwadwo is now celebrated beyond the borders of Ghana. That is the reward for going the extra mile in whatever one finds to do. Ghana is proud of you especially passionate teachers.


See photos below:


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