Ghanaian men who brag mostly have smaller man.h00d and perform the worst in bed – Counsellor

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Grand Paa, a Ghanaian actor and counsellor, has claimed that men who brag about being good in bed are usually the ones who have small pen!s and perform the worst in bed.

In an interview with Adwen the Love Doctor on eTV Ghana’s ‘In Bed with Adwen,’ he stated that the question of whether men with big penises outperform men with small penises should not even be debated because big penises unquestionably outperform small penises.

He explained that “The size of a man’s pen!s can range from 2.8inches above and the length can be 8inches or more. The average penis size that a woman’s vagina takes is 6inches or more so if a man with a pen!s length of 2.8inches is having sex with her, then obviously, she won’t feel anything”.

“A man can boldly say that he likes a woman with big buttocks or a woman with big breasts and he is able to choose his preference because those parts are visible but imagine if our pen!ses were to show when we’re walking around. Women would run whenever they see that small pen!s”, he further added.

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As a result, Grand Paa urged men to refrain from boasting about how good they can make a woman feel in bed, particularly those with small pen!s, so that they do not end up disappointing the woman and disgracing themselves in the end.



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