Ghanaian Poet, Kojo Owusu Has Taken A Heavy Swipe At African Leaders In A Poem Dubbed “Tyrannical Democratic Leaders” – Must Read

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A Ghanaian poet known as Kojo Owusu,who is probably tired of all the political tensions going on in the various African countries has decided to take it upon himself to address the issues and the leaders in question.

If you are following political news, you are likely to come across the brouhaha about Ghana’s recent elections, the EndSars protest in Nigeria and now the current fracas in Uganda over their general elections.

These happenings may be somewhat a mere coincidence but you can’t dispute the fact that all the Politicians involved in these brouhaha are around the same age group.

Well, addressing the issues in his Poem, Kojo Owusu laid out some factors that sort of inhibit citizens from expressing their point of views in a “democratic” settings. Ironic right?

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Anyway, read through his full poem below and share your thoughts on it.


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A Study in Tyrannical Democracy

Half-witted power drunk Megalomaniac, with a tyrannical staff and a demon crazed mantra scribbled in blood of parchment,

A constitution with no restitution

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With flattering pleas they assail the yonder poor to rule them all

The bewildered folks

Of yersteryears sat bewildered, mesmerized

Coxed with inane and innocuous recitations

Signed a deal for their enslavement

And the conditioned generation

Of younder and now flatter the demons

Of the earth, chanting their manic praise names, in servitude they clamour for tighter restrictions, they hunger not for freedom and justice and the betterment

Of their woeful predicament, but like guard dogs obstruct their own kind, main, kill, strangle and beat to a pulp brains

Of those who dare voice out the atrocities

Voices are gagged and pictures are banned,

The unquiet sky is lighted in bright orange flame from a billion papers inscribing the unsightly happenings

I remember these streets very well

It used to be calm and serene

Filled with blossoming pearls

Of unfading flowers

I recollect the peaceful terraces

The busts and the iconic statues

And domes and palatial facades that

In Silence spoke loudly

Of a bygone age

Of men and heroes who could speak

I remember well the ever flowing rivers

The essence of purity

Now channels filth and waste for hours unending

Not this muted birth

Of imbeciles piloted by senile

Old men who frequent pubs and brothels

Of orgiastic revelry

Intoxicating on Ten thousand bottles

Of youthful sweat

Usurping the future of the newborns

Ye misplaced youths, cauterized and brainwashed,


Arise and claim your divine rights

Arise! Slumbering youths

Buried in Stony sleep, zombified

Arise and claim your stolen future

From these sinille old men

Demented stooges and ye will break the vicious chains

Gather sticks and stones and cudjels

And weapons

Of justice if need be

And fight till sanity prevails!

How long would you beat your swords into ploughshares?

How long would you be the beasts of burden and do the bidding

Of these dunces who care not

Of your predicaments?

Arise! Ye gagged and decrepit youths,

Take off the logs in your eyes so that you can see clearly and with your untrammeled sight

Overthrow these demented cliques!

Hit the street, chant, ululate, take arms and demand for your birthrights

And take what is yours

For you outnumber them

O Arise! Arise! Ye slumbering youths

Arise and take what is yours

Demand for justice reclaim your stolen future!

Written by: Kojo Owusu


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