Ghanaian politicians aren’t liars ­– Socrate Safo schools Yvonne Nelson

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Most recently, actress Yvonne Nelson chastised Ghanaian politicians by saying they are liars and tricksters who play mind games with Ghanaian citizens after assuming power.

One of her viral posts via Twitter read: “As for our LEADERS, biggest disappointment. I had so much faith in them charley! They are all the same! Just doesn’t make sense! The country belongs to special families every 4 years! God have mercy!”

“They are LIARS! Playing with our minds every 4 years! Don’t stress charley! Focus on your life, don’t waste your energy on unnecessary fights and arguments. They need you this year, next year you be borla”.

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Reacting to Yvonne’s comments, Socrate Safo who is an ardent supporter of the NPP said he doesn’t agree with actress Yvonne Nelson over her recent comments about Ghanaian politicians not excluding NPP leadership.

Speaking on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review show, he queried the actress asking “somebody goes to the hospital and a doctor prescribes medication for the person but he or she is not able to recover. Would you say doctors are liars?”.

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“There are promises, expectations and all that in every job but due to one or two things, it is possible some will fail . . . Let’s encourage people to hold politicians rather to account to whatever they say but when you discouraged people, everybody will shy away from politics. I think it’s not helpful to do that. Let’s encourage people to hold politicians accountable to whatever they promise or whatever they say but don’t just tag them as liars,” he added.


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