All Ghanaians With The So-Called Christian Names Are Bearing ‘Slave Names’ – KKD

Ace Ghanaian broadcaster, Master of Ceremonies, media, culture and tourism expert, Kwesi Kyei Darkwa, also known as the Ghana’s Finest says Christian names are ‘slave names’.

He Disclosed the Ultimate Brunch hosted by Naa Klordey Odonkor that though his biological father was called Opanyin Kwasi Darkwa, he named him King George because it was regal at that time to give one’s child an English name.

He challenged this when he in turn gave his son a local name, Kweku Kyei Darkwa and defended it to the core one day , after his son’s teacher asked for his Christian name.

The next day saw him at his son’s school to clearly point out why the teacher should be asking for a Christian name instead of his first name.

He pointed out to the head teacher of the school that asking for his son’s Christian name was an insult to Buddhist, Muslims and traditionalist.

However he thinks every parent has the right to name their child as they pleased but must not impose Christian names on their wards.



According to him, Ashanti and other local names are good enough and carry the true identity of the individual. Touting the names of his children Kweku Darkwa Kyei Darkwa and Ohema Darkwa Kyei Darkwa.



“Truth is if Ashanti names are not good enough then maybe we need Korean names.But if Ashanti names and other local names are good enough, I don’t see why if a girl is called Nana Brago Asante , she is less than a girl who is called Magdalene and Phillipina Asante. She is not less.



I have a son Kweku Darkkwa Kyei Darkwa and a daughter Ohema Asokwa Kyei Darkwa, and because they carry the nomenclature of their culture, when people say their names , people can tell proud son of Ghana, proud daughter of Ghana”.




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