Ghanaians find joy in seeing others fall and that’s why most of us are not successful – Sarkodie speaks

"Fixing the country automatically fixes the people" – Sarkodie breaks long silence on the #FixTheCountry campaign

Rapper Sarkodie has shared some priceless nuggets with his fans and the world preaching the essence of looking out for one other and seeking for the good of all.

In the face of numerous agitations on and off several sectors of the entertainment and political scene in Ghana, Sarkodie believes people need to move away from tearing down, backbiting and snitching on others.

In a tweet, Sarkodie said people need to be genuinely happy for others, seek the good of all and especially desist from seeing others fall.

Where am from , we find joy in seeing people fall that’s why a good percentage stay unsuccessful ( unhappy )… Always know that you are what you feel. Celebrate people , be happy for people, elevate people and it automatically bounce back to you #HappySunday

It’s either you wanna lift people up or you don’t … Pushing someone down should never b part of the options #HappySunday

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