“Ghanaians have the laziest attitude towards work” – Successful Ghanaian entrepreneur says; receives different reactions

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"Ghanaians have the laziest attitude towards work" – Successful Ghanaian entrepreneur says; receives different reactions

Successful Ghanaian entrepreneur Joyce James has said she believes Ghanaians have the laziest of attitudes towards work.

According to her, she has worked with different people from different nations, and after years of experience has come to a firm conclusion that Ghanaians do not have the right attitude towards work.

Writing this view that has generated some conversation on Twitter, Joyce James said she has worked with Nigerians, Togolese et al but can boldly and openly assert that amongst them all Ghanaians have the poorest and laziest of attitudes towards work.

“I’ve worked with Togolese, Nigerians and Ghanaians respectively and I must say Ghanaians have very lazy work ethics,” she wrote.

Interestingly, many Ghanaian corroborated her claim and gave several instances where they believe they have witnessed or experienced some level of the poor lackadaisical attitude of Ghanaians towards work; especially towards jobs.

Prince commented: Ghanaian Work ethics is arguably poor. However, Ghanaians working in an environment with good structures and competitive salaries work exceedingly beyond expectation. The challenge comes from a lack of motivation.

Jojo wrote: This is very much subjective and relative to situations. It may be that you’re not treating your workers well.The Foriegner who may hv no options can tolerate but the locals won’t bcs this is their country. It’s unfortunate that you hv to disrespecfully generalize, so unfair.

Rebecca wrote: Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh… The difference is clear and it’s mostly male artisans and the likes our women are very hard working. They’d rather go for a funeral or wedding than come to work for money, and always ready to cheat and do shoddy work. The Togolese artisans are top notch.

Daniels wrote: The sad thing is those who slander us are the same people we later come and claim support your own. The fact that you’ve worked with a few people doesn’t give you any right to slander anyone. You will find lazy people anywhere you go. It unfortunate you had to generalise it.

Gabriel disagreed: I have lived and worked in Togo, Cote d’ivoire and am currently working in Liberia. Ghanaians are preferred and respected over many other nationals in the sub region.

Beroon wrote: No lie here. After being home for 3 weeks for the Festive season 70% of the Work force in my Office still decided to miss the first day at work yesterday with all sorts of foolish excuses

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