Ghanaians in Spain join the #FixTheCountry campaign; demonstrate and demand better governance in Ghana [Photos]

Ghanaians living in Spain over the weekend staged a demonstration in support of the widespread mantra in Ghana dubbed #FixTheCountry.

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The #FixTheCountry campaign has been ongoing for some time on social media where Ghanaians are demanding the government to fix all the pertinent issues plaguing the country.

These agitations from primarily the youth are hinged on the increase in prices of goods and services, poor supply of water and electricity, poverty, bad infrastructure and an ailing economy.

While the protesters have tried to stage a demonstration, the Ghana Police Service has been going back and forth asking the court not to allow the protest to come off.

This has gingered Ghanaians living in Spain to stage a demo with the unequivocal message that Ghanaians living in Ghana deserve better.

The Spain demonstration tie into the demands of the Ghana youth and also comes to strengthen the resolve of the #FixTheCountry protesters to see their demo materialize.

Presently, Ghanaians have been emboldened by the act of their Spanish counterparts and are trending the hashtag [#WeGoDemonstrate].

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