Ghana’s Hiplife is dead – Tinny

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Reggie Rockstone prides himself as the originator of Ghana’s Hiplife but in the rightful thinking of Tinny born Nii Addo Quaynor, the genre invented by Reggie is dead!

Tinny made the above-mentioned proclamation in the studios of Pure FM with “Hammer On Hammer Time” during the discussion of the topic, “The impact of Hiplife in Ghana now”.

According to Tinny, he doesn’t brand himself as a Hiplife artiste but would rather describe himself as a musical artiste. He is of the view that Hiplife is dead.

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“Hiplife is dead. You barely see people come up and say they want to be Hiplife artistes and I think it has something to do with time because even Hip-Hop has changed in America and I think even when Azonto came it caused some distraction to Hiplife”, Tinnny said.

When Tinny was probed to give antidote to the dead genre, he cited producer Hammer of The Last Two as the only person who can bring back Ghana’s Hiplife.  But unfortunately, Hammer who holds the key to the rebirth of Hiplife is now into bread business.


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