“Ghana’s Jollof is better than Nigeria’s” – Australian High Commissioner, Gregory Andrews says as he is seen eating Jollof at Osu, Accra

Australia’s High Commissioner to Ghana, His Excellency Gregory Andrews has joined the Jollof debate and taken a permanent stance after tasting delicious Jollof at Osu.

He has concluded that Ghana’s Jollof is way ahead and better than Nigeria’s Jollof in terms of taste and overall quality.

This should hurt our Nigerian counterparts but clearly, Gregory Andrews believes his decision to have a taste of Ghana Jollof at the Dollar Rice Joint at Osu in Accra has opened his eyes to reality.

Sharing these thoughts on Twitter, Gregory concluded that Ghana’s Jollof is tastier and better than Nigeria’s. This has generated some level of disagreement as it always does.

There is no way Nigerian #JollofRice could be better than the Ghanaian #Jollof which I bought for lunch today from Dollar Rice on Oxford Street in Osu. Tell me I’m wrong.

Naija jollof never go fit bee pass Ghana ein own. As I chop ma own for dollar rice inside Osu, confam!



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