Ghana’s youth president-elect, Twene Jonas advises Ghanaians to boycott MoMo henceforth

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Mr. Ablakwa of the NDC said only two days ago that the president had reverted to his Saudi royal lifestyle by renting private planes for his US tour.

Many Ghanaians turned to social media to slam Nana Addo for being callous and wasting money despite the country’s challenges.

Twene Jonas, Ghana’s youth president-elect, is one of many individuals enraged with Nana Addo for his luxurious lifestyle.

Twene Jonas urged all Momo users to remove all funds from their wallets, claiming Nana Addo would use the E-Levy revenues to bathe in the sky.

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Twene Jonas wrote;

Koo Biibini has a cocoa farm but has never tasted this quality chocolate before. Right now everyone must withdraw all their money from mobile money before Akufo Addo use it to bath in the sky! Only stupid people will pay E-LEVY. Glass Nkoaa  Didi free We run the city The system is working 24/7

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According to the Bank of Ghana, the fall in Mobile Money transactions is attributable to the enactment of the Electronic Transfer Levy Bill.


Ghana’s youth president-elect, Twene Jonas
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