Give me last chance, I promise – Man cries like toddler after getting painfully dumped by girlfriend [Video]

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The story of heartbreaks, failed relationships, and lovers going their separate ways will never end but the reactions from the individuals involved will continue to be a point of attention.

This is how come a man has been reduced to a crying kindergarten toddler after his girlfriend painfully dumped him for another man.

Fo this man, his world has come to an end especially when he was not given another chance to correct his flaws and be a better man to this lady.

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Well, the chance has blown away but the pain will take them to heal and the vacuum created in the heart and mind of this poor crying man will need months to get filled.

The video below gives an account of a man who has been crying and calling on his former girlfriend to give him the last chance and he promises to be a better man.

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