Gloria Sarfo Exposed For Sliding Into A Fan’s DM To Insult Him

Actress and television personality, Gloria Sarfo has attacked a fan in his private inbox for speaking ill about Akua GMB.

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Gloria has assumed the unofficial role of a spokesperson for Akua lately and has been fighting whoever trolls her (Akua) in the wake of the 5th wife saga of her husband, Dr Kweku Oteng.

Apparently Gloria Sarfo was very angry when this fan in question mocked Akua after her husband allegedly married a 5th wife. Gloria went as far as sliding into the person’s DM to carry on with the fight.

Unfortunately for her, the guy sent screenshot of the skirmishes to blogger Those_called_celebs who in turn shared on social media.

The blogger wrote:

‘@thosecalledcelebs2 smaller page is even powerful than some of these celebs….I hate posting this male Mahogany paaaa cux she is an attention seeker….she always wanna use an opportunity to post her rags cux she can’t even get buyers on her own ????….she tried using Dr. Kwaku Oteng for an attention cux no blogger post her….she attacked someone for commenting under her post by entering her DM n de person sent me a screenshot ??? such a cheap celebrity who doesn’t know her worth….. u can’t defend the truth n if is de truth we are coming to use, then Akua who is hiding behind u guys cux of her common bitterness…..then she is gonna cry blood!! Akua de3…..I hv soo soo many Cassette of her but as I said….Asem no afa bone!!! Madam no shaking wid Male syndrome oglor!! U are a big cheap LIAR!! Do u want us to bring de real cassette of de man??? ??? stop attacking people in DM n start kissing as*. Akua won’t gv u anything cux herself kraaa…..she is soo stingy n selfish like a fvck! Panin toto!! ??… fight dem publicly not DM!! Male woman!!’

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