Go And Sleep In The Taxi You Bought For Your Son – Ghanaians Tell TT After He Said His Rent Will Expire In 6 Months

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Some Ghanaians are outraged at the persistent pleas of Veteran Ghanaian actor Psalm Adjetefio aka TT for more financial help despite being given more than 90k three months ago.

The likes of Kwame A Plus descended on him and called him insensitive and greedy for making almost 100k in just a few months and asking for more.

To make matters worse, TT had also stated his rent was going to expire in six months hence he needs help in paying for it.

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The interesting thing about this issue is that the Vice President of Ghana, Dr Bawumia had given TT 50, 000 cedis which were to cater for five months of his rent. And an additional 40,000 was given to him by the Chief of Staff.

But for some reason, he didn’t use any of the money to pay for his rent, instead, he decided to buy a taxi for his son and buy a piece of land.

This has made Ghanaians question if he is financially illiterate. They have asked him to sleep in the taxi he bought for his son after his rent expire since he deliberately refused to use the money that was given for the rent to buy a land.


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