“God Committed A Crime Worse Than Genocide, Jesus Had A Bad Temper” – Nigerian Lady Says.

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This young Nigerian lady wouldn’t be the first to challenge some scriptures in the Bible or some of the things that has written in the Holy book for Christians.

Known as Agbala Nwanyi, on Facebook, she has taken to her page to share her opinion on some stories in the Bible, saying that Jesus proved he had a bad temper by flogging people selling in the temple and God also “committed a crime worse than genocide” when He “Killed” people with the flood.

Many people on Social have attacked her on Social media and it appears, she’s since left the Social network. See the post she made below as picked from Yabaleftonline.com and share your thoughts on this

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Agbala Nwanyi

Read Nwanyi and share your thoughts:

He came into the temple and saw people trading

He made whips out of chords and flogged them out of the temple

Overturned their tables and scattered their wares and coins on the floor

Is that one not a man with bad temper????

Him: Do you know YAHWEH committed the highest genocide ever known to man?

Me: Mtcheew Yahweh that once killed the whole world by drowning, is that one not worse than genocide???

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