“God will punish our leaders?” – Ghanaians bemoan the rise in cement price from GH¢24 to GH¢50 within a year

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How a bag of cement could experience a price hike from GH¢24 to GH¢50 within a year still remains a major concern to many Ghanaians.

To people who are building houses or thinking of putting up structures, they believe the price hike is really suffocating and will certainly deter them from carrying on with their projects.

These Ghanaians are blaming leaders especially political leadership for failing to check and regulate the price of commodities and essentials like cement on the market which has resulted in the hike.

Many also blame the government for failing to put proper structures in place to help the local businesses to grow. The high taxes importers have to pay before bringing goods into the country has contributed to the rapid price hikes.

With the outpouring of emotions, these Ghanaians have taken to social media to bemoan the hard condition of the economy and why they believe it is quite hard for the average Ghanaian to thrive and prosper in Ghana.

With the price of a bag of cement becoming the yardstick, many believe political leadership led by President Akufo-Addo has failed woefully in their promise to make the life of every Ghanaian bearable and a bit comfortable.

This conversation was started by Sports Journalist Saddick Adams on Twitter where he wrote: Cement is FIFTY Ghana Cedis. From 24 cedis in December 2019. Young people may not be able to build with current wage levels. Therefore young people will die of exorbitant rent arising from this. That’s the truth.

This post generated some degree of chatter with many sharing their views.

Andrews Junior wrote: When you turn to speak out, some partisan commentators will start chasing u with insult and threatening u

Ebo Divine wrote: And we think corruption will end. And we also think if we ban all these spiritualists from our media platforms the youth won’t still go out there and look for them. May the Lord have mercy on all of us.

Ebenezer wrote: Action , Obama let’s put boots on the ground sell the youth suffering messages on Radio, TV , social Media and let’s start a protest and I believe every thinkable youth will join the protest train Nationwide let’s not leave these greedy NPP/NDC politicians to destroy us forever

Abdul-Hameed wrote: Young people will defend the system. Same young people will insult you. Meanwhile in thr grand scheme of things, you’re probably better place than those who will come for your head. Rest my brother.

Sammy wrote: You predicted some where in Dec(2020) or January(21) that it was going to get to 50 cedis at the end yr not knowing it was going to get to 50 cedis by the 1st quarter

Okyere Kofi wrote: Forget about the price of the cement and building the house is a part of blessing of Almighty God and if your time comes if it is hundred cedis per bag you wouldn’t mind building your dream house

Osei Saropong was unperturbed, he wrote: They can increase cement price to 1000 cedis sef, I will surely build my house sure. I won’t die because of cement price. Tweaa. Nothing will stop me. Thank you.


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