Gossip In Town: People Are Asking Why Medikal Is Dating Deborah Vanessa When She’s 10 Years Older Than Him

Age they say is nothing but a number but sometimes it becomes difficult to just see it as number under some given circumstances. There’s indeed nothing wrong with dating someone older than you but in our part of the world, it becomes somewhat weird to see an older woman dating a younger person.

Ghanaian Tv presenter and musician, Deborah Vanessa, the  Mermaid is been questioned her intents for accepting to date someone who’s she far older than. News broke recently that Deborah is dating Medikal, a new fast rising artiste from the camp of Criss Waddle. Deborah confirmed the news in an interview so as it is now, it’s nor just a rumor but a ver serious relationship.

According to reports, the two new celebrity love birds even intend to get married soon!

However, it appears most Ghanaians cannot just ‘think far’ or even ‘think madness’ for this new celebrity relationship.

Deborah Vannessa is 31 years old and Medikal is just 21 if we are to believe their own date of births. It means there’s a 10 year gap between the two. In several parts of the world, it’s a normal thing for a man to date a woman older than him and normally the age difference is 1-3 years. 

Relationships like these sometimes, come about on the altar of love, so the two tend to look away when it comes to their respective ages. We all know our ex president, Hon. John Agyekum Kuffour married a woman who was older than her with some 2-3 years and yet their love stayed true and are still married.


Now, we have Deborah Vanessa who is 10 years older than Medikal and people have raised eyebrows questioning whether they got into the relationship out of love or out of personal gains?

Who stands to benefit more in this relationship? Was it an issue of Deborah gnashing for too long, so just decided to go out with the young rapper when he made his intentions known to her?

Could it also be that Medikal had always had a thing for Deborah and just decided to take the opportunity  now that he’s a celebrity too? Or did his money make things easier for him? Or just maybe, he wants to have his share and then bounce?

Well, for those of us here at Ghbase.com we are glad that they are dating and have made it public. After all, what matters is the love they have for each other.  

Is Kofi Adjorlolo not marrying a third wife, whom he’s some 30+ years older than? Wha is good for the goose is also good for the gander!!

So Team Ghbase, what do you also think? Drop your comments below.


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