Gossip:Checkout Photos Of A Muslim And Christian Lesbian Couple Who Tied The Knot(+Photos)

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As homosexuality is accepted  in most countries across the Globe, other countries still see the act as unacceptable. Well in light of this, viral photos of a Muslim and probably a Christian lesbian who got married have caught the attention of many people on the internet.


The Muslim woman wore a hijab for the ceremony while her counterpart wore a straight dress. Both women were in a white dress as they posed surrounded by nature. The photos were shared on Twitter with the caption: “A Muslim and a Christian who say yes. progress.”

But a number of Twitter users were outraged for the fact that aside being of different religions, they were also of the same sex. The couples union was condemned as some users insisted the Muslim woman is not a true Muslim because she ended up taking off her hijab in some of the photos.

Intermarriage between people of different religion and tribe has been going on across the globe for some time now. While some families refuse to accept such unions Others are opened to the idea.

Check out the photos below;


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