Guru reveals why he was tagged as a fraud boy

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The Ghanaian cliché, “life begins at 40”, therefore anyone who’s able to achieve remarkable success before the socially accepted age of success is tagged with all sorts of derogatory names.

The above-mentioned reality in Ghana was experienced by rapper Guru as he was once tagged as sakawa or better still fraudster. Speaking to Abeiku Santana on “Atuu Show”, Guru posited that he made money at the early stages of his life when he was featured by Obrafour on “Kasiebo” song.

“When I featured Obrafuor in ‘Kasiebo’, I bought my personal car. It was one of these Corolla cars. When I was balling in town with the car, I was accused of money rituals,” he said.

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Besides, Guru made it emphatic that he has heard a lot of people accusing him of fraud perhaps because of his enviable success, however, he’s not perturbed.

“I have heard people call me game boy several times,” he said.

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He however advised that the fact that a young person is living a well-to-do or rich lifestyle does not necessarily mean he/she is into fraud.

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