Having big buttocks doesn’t mean you can twerk; Moesha, Shugatiti and Co. are spoiling the profession – Julius Fakta

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Although the booty is glorified, and having a big butt is seen as a blessing, girls who are well endowed know it’s low-key the biggest struggle ever.

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Back to the subject matter, twerking has become the new craze among busty ladies on social media especially Instagram.

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These ladies not excluding Moesha, Shugatiti and Co. for reasons best known to them can’t let go a day without shaking their hot sizzling ass in the full glare of their followers who most are men.

Julius Fakta
Shugatiti x Moesha x Julius Fakta

Julius Fakta, a well-known professional dancer cum musician, reacting to the craze has made it emphatic that ladies who have been twerking are on Instagram are doing it wrong.

According to Julius Fakta, twerking is a form of dance and that fact that a lady has a big buttocks doesn’t mean she can twerk, professionally.

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Taking to his Instagram page, Julius Fakata asserted that;

“Caution ? Caution ? Caution ?
Professional Female Dancers Go Through A Lot To Master The Art Of Twerk …Soo Yes,!
Yes ! There’s A Difference Btw Twerk And just Shaking Your Butt Common Mistake Most Ladies and Video Directors Make …If One Has A Butt As Big as Moesha’s doesn’t Assure Them Of A flawless TwerK…Soo Please Stop Using Clueless People In Your Music Videos …Use Professionals And Pay Em Well ?

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For the purpose of clarity, twerking has existed since the 90s. It’s a dance that requires you to shake your booty up and down. A common dance by girls.

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