He forgets he’s a big artist with huge influence, the comedy is too much- Arnold Asamoah Baidoo to Shatta Wale

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As for as Arnold Asamoah Baidoo is concerned, Shatta Wale is in complete denial and is such a huge figure in the music industry which is he veers off from his core objective and engages in buffoonery most of the time.

The SM boss is under fire from Arnold Asamoah Baidoo, a well-known analyst and fan of entertainment, for “misusing” his opportunity to appear on Good Evening Ghana on Metro TV by dabbling in unimportant matters rather than using the moment to consolidate his status.

Additionally, he stated that Arnold receives an absurd appearance fee of $40.00 from UTV, which he uses as an excuse to pull the man. Arnold recently addressed the subject on Peace FM and said the following:

“My general assessment of the interview will be brief on your show because I’d like to save some points for another show. I believe Wale should sit up. I say this from a good place,” he clarified.

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He also lamented Wale’s refusal to acknowledge him as a key person in the industry with significant influence.

He claimed Paul Adom Otchere, had “told [Shatta Wale] he’s an industry leader, frontrunner” and he protested it “but the fact is, he is.”

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“He is one of our leading figures who when he speaks people stand still to listen. Maybe he is in denial or he’s not being truthful to himself but he’s one of our leading figures, one of our leading artists, one of our leading entertainers,” he stressed.

“This is why when he gets an opportunity on such platforms, for me, I’d like to tell him to take it seriously,” he advised.

He also touched on the fact that the SM boss failed to “sell himself and the [creative] industry in a very good way” on a flagship political programme which seldom invites entertainers as guests.

“If we have issues, critical issues, address them in a way that if the President watches and hears, he will sit up,” he challenged.

Arnold further highlighted Shatta Wale’s huge following and influence while emphasising, “because of this, when he gets such a platform, his communication and how he addresses issues is very critical.”

“But if you go and sit there and by the end of the show, it is GHS40, Okraku-Mantey and so on and so forth generating the trends, you have failed. It means you actually went to do comedy,” the entertainment journalist admonished.

SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com

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