He Said The Bible Didn’t Ask Men To Give Their Girlfriends Money So I Also Denied Him Intercourse Because I Don’t Want To Fornicate And Now He Is Pissed

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As we are still in the month of love, a lot of people are still expecting gifts and from their loved ones. A lady who has dated her boyfriend for three years has taken to her social media page to lament on how her boyfriend has been stingy with her.

Narrating her ordeal, she disclosed that her doesn’t give her money, gifts, or anything else and his explanation is based on biblical allusions that the Bible didn’t ask men to give money to their girlfriends.

She eventually became tired of hearing him say the same thing over and over again so she has also decided to retaliate.

She also starting quoting him Bible scriptures anytime he asked for s3x telling him that the Bible preaches against fornication.

She added how pissed off he becomes anytime she denies him of s3xual pleasure and has even decided not to wish her a happy birthday on her birthday.

Well, we are living in a world of give and take so if you are not willing to give out the cookie, don’t expect to the milk!

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