Herbalist Teaches an Effective Way to Catch Witches With The Leaves of A Plant

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As Africans, there are many plants ad herbs our ancestors used for various spiritual and healing purposes. However, unfortunately, the younger generation does not know much about this. Therefore, Reverend Peace, a seasoned herbalist has taken it upon himself to teach about plants and the power they carry. One of which are ‘Akonfem Tiko’, which can be used to catch diabolical entities such as witches.

In an exclusive interview with Gh Base TV’s Adwoa, he revealed that, witches cannot fly to their camps without the ‘Akonfem Tiko’. However, it is the same plant that can be used to halt their activities.

“There is true power in these leaves. If witches do not get this plant, they cannot fly. Any witch that is watching right now will know what I am talking about.”

“Witches never go to their camps with their original bodies. Some turn into snakes and some turn into dogs. There are many other animals they can shapeshift into. Before they go, they go to their camps, they tear this leaf and rub it. Some put it on their big toes, some put it on their foreheads and some put it on their eyes. It depends on the person’s spirit animal.”

“However, it is this same ‘Akonfem Tiko’ that we use to catch the witches. So, witches never fly on this plant. Wherever they take this plant from to use, they do not pass there when they are flying.”

He also revealed that the ‘Akonfem Tiko’ could be burnt together like incense with a part of the palm fruit plant known as ‘Abe Kuma’ to sack witches from a place. This is because, the fragrance that comes out of it will chase them away.


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