Herbalist teaches how one can use onion to tie down the one they love permanently 

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A video-making round online captures a rare tutorial from a herbalist on how one can tie the object of his love interest in a way that will make them literally get stuck to them like a tattoo.

According to the herbalist, onion is one of the best vegetables that can be used to tie partners and he took his time in this video to explain how it can be done.

Explaining how to use the onion, he said; “Pick or buy onion and write the name of the person you want him or her to love you and place it inside, sow it nicely.

When sowing, keeping mentioning the name with a strong belief in the heart by command saying, today I want you and our love to be one both physical and spiritual and keep sowing it nicely but never try it if you don’t love the person because it will affect you”, he concluded.

Watch the video below;

Also in the news, a rare video of zealot female Christians praying vigorously for their husbands against the spirit of unfaithfulness has amused a lot of people on social media.

In the almost viral video, the husbands sat on a chair while their wives held onto their heads and repeatedly cast out any spirit of cheating in their men.

The couples were no less than 10 and they were deeply engrossed in the prayer as the wives repeated the prayer points being voiced out by the pastor.

The pastor then asked the women to look at their husbands and give them compliments after which he told them to kiss. Those who sit on the neutral fence when it comes to religion have asserted that these prayers won’t work and the men will still go ahead to cheat.

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