Herbalist who blew alarm on money ritual man exposed Big Time

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The herbalist who blew the whistle on a man who had supposedly visited him to use his daughter for a money ritual has been revealed to be a con artist.

Thus, it has come to light that he engaged in shady business practices, and that he had a checkered past as a former member of the military who was discharged for misconduct.

Kwame A plus, a social commentator, exposed the herbalist in a series of Facebook posts, which led to widespread media coverage.

According to him and the proof he provided to support his claims, the other person has a lengthy history of playing pranks on other people.

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According to the information that was provided to him by a few military men who had worked with the fetish priest when he was serving in the Ghana Armed Forces, he is a fraud.

It is said that he was kicked out of the Armed Forces for his covert plots, which were aimed at bringing others’ reputations into disrepute and pitting one group against another.

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He was called a treacherous con artist by those who knew him.

As a result of this, it has come to light that as a noted troublemaker, he most likely staged the entire incident in order to get people talking about the appropriate cause.

Have a look at the screenshots below.

Fake Herbalist

Fake Herbalist

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