Here’s How One Blogger & His Friends Are Planning To Make Kids SMILE This Christmas

You don’t need to have a big purse before you can make a difference in this world. Infact, you can always put a smile on the face of someone–or you need is a big heart full of love for humanity and this blogger we are talking about certainly has one.

Ghanaian blogger Kofi Cephas who owns is embarking on a charity project with his friends on the 28th of December in Tarkoradi with an intent of giving back to society and affecting change in their very own small way.

His project dubbed “Let Them Smile” has become an annual activity and would be doing so every year with his friends. It was started last year, when he was touched by the plight of those who live in the community he comes from.

Speaking to, Kofi Cephas disclosed that he wants to be able to do this with the support of his friends and although they are not ‘RICH’, the little contributions they make will in a way put a smile of the face of some of these children who are underprivileged.

It’s such a laudable initiative and this year, they are going to paint the 6 classroom unit  block of Anoe basic school, Kojokrom, Takoradi on the 28th December, 2016.

If you are touched by the idea, you can send you can equally support the course by purchasing one of their t-shirts which comes in different colors at a price of 30ghc. You can as well make a donation. Just Whatsapp/Call 0500016696 to buy one t-shirt and make any enquiries.

Remember that, if you help you would feel good about helping in your own bid to solve the many challenges faced by humanity.






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