Here’s What Floyd Mayweather Got For His Son On His 16th Birthday Party Aside The Lavish Party

If Floyd Mayweather were to be your dad, you would always wish everyday is your birthday because he is the man who always surprises his children especially when it’s their birthday. Mayweather’s son Zion just turned 16 and his dad gave him the surprise you would wish you had.
The supposedly retired championship boxer is nothing if not a family man. Sharing sentiments such as: “I feel our family is stronger if we stay together,” it’s no surprise he dotes on his eldest son, Zion.
On his son, Zion’s birthday, he threw him a lavish birthday party and gave him a Mercedes Benz worth $33,000.
Now, we wish we could have something like that on our birthday but we were not born into the Mayweather clan. See some of the photos from his party below.


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