Hila Klein Bio, Age, Husband and more

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Hila Klein Age = 34 years old

Hila Klein was born on the 12th day of December 1987 in Holon, Israel making her 34 years old now and well positioned to hit 35 in 8 months time. She grew up with her sibling Moses Hacman.

Life and Education

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Hila joined the Israel Defence force as a soldier as part of her mandatory two years military service after she was done with her studies in high school.

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Hila then went to Shenkar college of Engineering, Design and Arts in Ramat Gan, Israel after she was done with her mandatory military service. In order to focus on her YouTube career, Hila decided to quit the college.

Hila Klein husband 

Hila met her husband Ethan when she was on tour to the famous Holocaust Museum. Ethan was born in California, United States. He was on his birthday trip to Israel when they met each other

In 2012 Ethan and Hila made their affair official by proper marriage rite that took place in Israel. The couple then moved to the United States Of America.

Hila Klein And her husband Ethan
Hila Klein And her husband Ethan


Hila created her first YouTube channel on the 29th of April 2011. Together with her then boyfriend Ethan, they created the fist YouTube channel called “h3h3 Production. Because of the comedy nature of her videos, she was able to get a reasonable number of views in 2013 when she posted a video that went viral in the internet entitled” “warm it up exe that’s 10”.

Hila and her boyfriend Ethan then created their second YouTube channel that also gained popularity on the 3rd day of July 2013. And they have over 2.3 million subscribers on their channel. “How to Dramatize your Children is Prank”, “Another Slamming Bladberry Classic”, “When The Cringe Is Too Strong”, and “Fat Shame At The Water Prank” are some of their most views videos.

H3 Podcast channel which has so far accumulated over 2 million subscribers was created on 7th April 2017.

Hila Klein is not only on YouTube, she is really a social media who can be found on other platforms. She has over 812.000 followers on her Twitter channel. She uses her twitter channel to advertise her business globally. On Instagram, Hila posts only her own pictures that details about her personal or private life. She has over 780.000 followers there too.

In addition to her online business, Hila is also a television personality. Her main work in the television aspect are, Cinematography, Producer, Editor, Property master, writer and host. She made her television debuts as producer, Editor and Cinematographer of her comedy TV series in 2013. Hila also work in that Art department for the TV series “Jon Tron” in 2015 and also work on forth episodes of the series . In the following year, Hila and Ethan began hosting the H3 Podcast. She was also a guest on “Good Mythical Morning show.

Hila also served as the CEO of the “Teddy Flesh” clothing brand which sells sweaters, hoodies, windbreakers, shorts, T- shirts, bags, hats, beanies and many more online. On the part of accessories, they sell necklaces, keychains, and embroidery patches. In order to be able to sell in physical store, Teddy Fresh collaborated with Ripndip in October 2018. Ethan and Hila together has a merchandice shop that sells sweaters, T-shirt and Mugs.

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In September 2018, They both launch a mobile game called H3H3: Ball Rider available on Google play and App store till now.

Hila then join with popular YouTubers raised over $200.000 which aid in “Direct Relief” in its relief efforts after Hurricane Harvey in 2017. The couples now lived in Los Angeles together with their pet dog.

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