Hilarious: Ghanaian lady sends voice note to Beyoncé on IG asking her to advertise her products on her page

A Ghanaian lady has sent a voice note to Beyoncé asking the singer to advertise her products on her page.

This anonymous lady asked Beyoncé to name her price and she will be ready to pay through Mobile Money (MoMo) if only her slimming products could be featured on her timeline.

“Hello Beyoncé, I trust you and the family are well. I will need you to advertise my slimming products on your timeline. I am ready to pay any price you will ask for and I can send it via Mobile Money. Please extend my greetings to Jay Z,” she said.

Beyoncé, like never before, has become a household name in and around Ghana following his recent work with Shatta Wale which did not only give the artiste a bigger audience but also threw more light on the music of Ghana.

Ghanaians can now relate to Beyonce on a more personal level following his work with Shatta Wale and this lady just thinks she will be ready to advertise her products for her. Absolutely hilarious.

Check Out Video Below:


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