Horrifying social media posts of Sylvester Ofori, which give tangible clue to why he may have shot and killed wife

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Social media has become part and parcel of our daily living and what we share to a large extent reflect how we feel, think and wired.

Many people who are on social media usually assert that they are never what they share. In other words, whatever they write or post is just for fun and should never be taken seriously.

That is a very erroneous assertion that must be debunked by any well-meaning person especially because anyone who shares or write a post on social media has premeditated his or her thoughts.

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In writing or sharing these materials, the individual reads through, corrects all the mistakes and makes sure what is shared fulfils an intended goal or objective.

That is certainly why we need to take whatever is shared on social media by anybody very seriously since they mirror the temperaments, present circumstances and the future decision of the sharer.

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The aforestated view is tied into the grim news that broke just a day ago which announced the gruesome murder of a woman, Barbara Tammey, by her husband, Sylvester Ofori, in the United States of America.

This news has become a matter of concern to many Ghanaians for two reasons: firstly; the man who committed this heinous crime is a Ghanaian, and secondly; he is also a well-known preacher who is seen as a role model by many people he reaches out to.

Careful scrutiny of his Facebook posts by Ghbase.com prior to the killing of his wife gives tangible clues into the thinking of Sylvester Ofori. His posts gave an indirect meaning into how he felt and what he had planned to do.

Most of these posts were predicated on how he thinks women are ungrateful, bashful and uncouth. Other posts had him play the devil’s advocate or play the victim. Sylvester Ofori in a very cunning way drew attention to his posts with the hidden agenda and ploy to terminate the life of his wife based on inexplicable marital problems or personal emotional trauma.

I am not a psychologist and I am not claiming to be one, however, thoughtful consideration of his Facebook posts would drive to a very logical conclusion that this preacher had wanted to carry out this dastardly act against his wife or somebody and has been nursing the plan for quite some time.

Carefully Analyse These Facebook Posts Of Sylvester Ofori Below:

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