Hot Video: South African Dancer Kisses All Her Fans Whilst Performing At A Night Club

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Jesus Christ must wait as some of the things our public figures especially the ladies have been doing off late are beyond human comprehension taking into consideration the actions of Zodwa Wabantu of South Africa not long ago.

Zodwa Wabantu who doubles as South African social media celebrity cum dancer did the unexpected when she kissed most of her fans whilst performing at a nightclub in Cape Town, the capital city of South Africa.

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The South African dancer shared a video on Instagram that showed her kissing several people on the lips. Interestingly, they looked excited as they lined up to lock lips with her. Some were even begging to be kissed, but most of Zodwa’s followers were confused by the incident.

But don’t be surprised about the video you’re about to watch because that’s her brand. This is because Zodwa Wabantu is well-known for dancing without underwear as well as taking her panties off on stage and wearing next to nothing in public appearances in South Africa just to make some descent money for herself.

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