How a daring yahoo boy used Nollywood actor, Pawpaw’s image to scam his white client

The images of comedy actor Osita Iheme nicknamed Pawpaw were recently used by an internet scammer (yahoo boy) to advance his nefarious schemes on the internet.

Using an image of Pawpaw lying down in the hospital, the determined yahoo boy told the unsuspecting white man or woman that his son is sick and needed money urgently to pay the hospital bills.

According to a screenshot of a chat that appeared online, the young man said that Pawpaw was his son, who had been admitted to the hospital.

He claimed that doctors want $3,000 for his treatment but he lacks that sum of money.

Similarly, a group of online scammers recently encountered a policeman and his wife inadvertently after they took their nefarious activities to their doorstep.

The boys avoided being tracked down and apprehended by an American police officer whose wife they attempted to scam.

In a video that has provoked wild reactions on Instagram, the fraudsters were talking to a white woman identified as Barbara with the purpose of extorting money from her, but they were unaware that was the wife of a cop.

They realized Barbara’s husband is a county sheriff on their first video call with her, and he almost caught them in their scheme. Read more here.



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