How a man snatched his bestie’s girlfriend and married her after he begged him to allow her to stay with him for a while

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An intriguing tale about how a Nigerian man accidentally connected his girlfriend Bella and his friend Ayo has been shared on Twitter and it’s attracting interesting comments.

He explained that his girlfriend had been asked to attend a job interview in Lagos, and because he trusted the friend, he begged him to make room for her.

The woman travelled from Warri, Delta state to Lagos and stayed at the residence of her boyfriend’s friend. However, after a while, her attitude started to alter.

The narration goes this way; “I remembered when I was dating this girl, she told me she has a job interview in Lagos so I called a friend of mine who lived there that my girlfriend is coming and that he should accommodate her since I trusted him enough to allow my babe pass the night there.

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He agreed and accommodated her. My babe left Warri for Lagos and ever since then, her attitude as well as my friend’s attitude has changed. They don’t pick up my calls. The day he managed to pick up my calls, he answered my babe’s phone and told me, she was bathing and I should call her later… to cut the story short, Bella my girlfriend and my friend ( Ayo) are happily married now with two kids, a boy (Jude) and a girl ( Ella).”

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