‘How can you spend ₵26,700 in the club and when I ask for support for my business, you send ₵280’ – Nigerian lady fires men who spend lavishly

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A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to spill out her frustration at men who spend lavishly in clubs and other outdoor events but barely support people who need help. 

Identified as Kafilat, the lady mentioned the name of a male friend who fits into her descriptive bracket and consequently called him out subtly.

She tweeted; “Nigerian men will take you out and spend thousands and millions but when you ask for money they will send 5k. Tunde stop ordering azul i want the money instead.”

Apparently, her tweet attracted heavy criticisms from other tweeps which prompted her to throw in a follow-up message into the mix to clarify her stance.

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She added: “No one should take my tweet as entitlement, my point is how can you spend 2m in the club and when i ask you to support me for school fees or business you send me 20k?”


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