How Can You Use 150 Cedis China Phone With 5 Cedis Data To Insult People? – Social Media Users Descend On Henewaa

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From the looks of things, Henewaa Piesie is not going to have a good night sleep after she is trending on all social media platforms.

Everyone has a limit to which they can take an insult and if they are pushed too much to the wall, they end up bringing out the side people don’t like to see.

Well, a lot of fans and supporters of actress Selly Galley have been all over social media trolling Henewaa Piesie for using derogatory words against the actress.

Henewaa had commented that Selly Galley’s face was ugly and called her barren woman for not giving birth after several years of marriage to hubby Praye TieTia.

This sparked rage in the actress who went ahead to curse Henewaa and her generation for being insensitive.

Even though a remorseful Henewaa has apologized, it seems the fans of Selly Galley are not having any of it. They are still trolling her for having the guts to call her names especially when her life is not that perfect.

One person even said she looked like a deformed clueless liability for daring to call someone Ugly.

See the reactions from Selly’s loyal fans below;

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