How Come Churches Don’t Pray For Men With Low Sperm Count But Only Focus On Barren Women? – Kafui Danku Quizzes

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One common thing in Ghana is that, women are often blamed when there is no procreation after several years of marriage.

Some mother-in-laws harass the woman to the extent of kicking her out of the house. Unfortunately this plaque has gradually invaded our churches because the woman comes running to them for prayers.

The church in return prays for the woman’s barrenness to disappear while ignoring the husband. Some reports have proven that most men are the cause of childlessness in marriages but pride and protection of dignity stops them from admitting.

Only a few go to the hospital with their wives for tests to be carried out on them.

Well, reacting to this phenomenon, Ghanaian actress Kafui Danku in a Facebook post sighted by is wondering why the notion above is so.

According to Kafui, she can’t fathom why churches don’t hold prayers for men with low sperm count but focus on barren women alone.

She asserted that when there is an issue about childlessness in a marriage, rather than apportion blames, both parties should seek medical health to make sure they are both fine and not leaving the responsibility on one woman.

The mother of two also advised churches to organise prayers for men with low sperm count too.

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