How I got the name ‘Captain Smart’

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Captain Smart, whose real name is Blessed Godsbrain Smart has finally let Ghanaians in on how he came by that catchy moniker.

He said that Dr Kwame Addo Kufuor, Ghana’s former acting Interior Minister and Minister of Defence, gave him the name which has become a part of his solid brand.

Recently, Dr Addo Kufuor was named Chancellor of the Kumasi Technical University (KsTU).

On Saturday, October 1, Captain Smart revealed to host Nana Biila Kantanka of Akoma FM’s weekend personality profile show during an exclusive interview saying;

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“My real name is Blessed Godsbrain Smart but my stage name ‘Captain Smart’ was given to me by my uncle Dr Kwame Addo Kufuor.

At that time I was working at a Kumasi-based radio station with the name ‘Blessed Smart’, so he advised me that name will not sink into the radio market in Kumasi.

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People won’t really easily remember that name so I should add ‘Captain’ to my surname ‘Smart’.

So that’s how come I got that popular name that has brought me this far.”

When asked why his uncle suggested Captain instead of any other name, Captain Smart responded thus:

“Seriously I wanted to join the military so at a point, I was nearly enlisted into the military academy and my mother cried that she won’t allow her only son to join the military so I withdrew from the academy and then later became a media personality that’s why my uncle suggested that if I had completed the military academy, I would have been a Captain by now so that’s why he added ‘Captain to my Surname ‘Smart’.”


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