How many children does Marie Kondo have?

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How many children does Marie Kondo have?

Tokyo, Japan is where Marie Kondo was born on October 9, 1984. writer and entrepreneur best known as the Konmari method’s inventor. a method for organizing a home so that only what is required and what makes the owner happy are present, preventing buildup caused by the propensity to hold on to the past.

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After the release of her first book, The Magic of Order (2011), in which she explores the method and highlights the benefits of order, highlighting the peace and relaxation that an organized home inspires, which will be reflected in the daily lives of those who live there, Kondo’s method has gained popularity.

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Kondo’s interest in order and cleanliness began at a young age, sparked by periodicals about home decor and the house her mother had just purchased. She was alone a lot of the time as she was growing up because her mother was caring for her infant sister.

She studied and continued to develop her passion of order during this time. When she arrived at the facility, she started organizing the shelves while the other students engaged in physical activity.

The Konmari Method

She founded the Konmari method at the age of 19, while still a student at the University of Tokyo, and describes how to properly organize the home and other spaces so that they become havens of inspiration and tranquility, which in turn has a measurable impact on the mental health of those who live there.

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The Kondo technique suggests getting rid of stuff you don’t need, and on a more intimate level, it encourages ending unhealthy relationships that don’t make you feel good. The system’s main objective is to make the individual who uses it happy and peaceful.

Kondo Marie Children 

In 2012, Kondo wed Takumi Kawahara. Kawahara was employed in sales assistance and marketing by a company in Osaka at the time they first met. He left his job when Kondo’s career took off to work as her manager and later as the CEO of Konmari Media, LLC. The couple also has a son and two children.


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