‘How my girlfriend gave me three hefty slaps on our first date’- Man shares sad story

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A young man, Akoh has revealed that he’s always at the receiving end in his romantic relationship with women.

He recounted how he received a hefty slap in succession from his girlfriend during a date. Akoh said his bae thought he was flirting with a lady friend who refers to him as her boo as the supposed girlfriend assumed.

His full narration reads;

“I shouldn’t tweet this but if I don’t I won’t feel better. This is the second time a woman has hit me cos I am not offering what she wants. This one happened yesterday night. The third better not happen.

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So this babe yeah, just there. Wants me do date I say I don’t want. And then we were hanging out at my reg spot. Then comes this her friend that we knew each other before. So we just catching up and she was watching something on her phone.

She’s just my friend nothing more, but then she calls me “boo”. While she was watching something on her phone and sitting beside my, she rested her head on my shoulder, I didn’t even see it as anything. Cos as usual I was strolling on my Twitter. Nothing concerns me.

Her friend then walks back from using the toilet and then sees her on my shoulder and then the next thing “kpass” on my right eye. Saying “so you’re flirting with my friend”

I thought it was an obvious joke so I just laughed it off. And said stop it…. within 20 seconds it’s already three slaps. That’s when it dawned on my like broo this is serious shit.

I was just puzzled while all these things happened.
But I just held myself Together and walked off cos I swore I wasn’t going to ever hit a woman.

Never been disrespected like yesterday night all my life. While I was going I told her she better not dare to talk to me again in this life.

Number blocked, and trashed. Finished.
Friend texted me to apologise, I’ve blocked that one  too”

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