How Old Is The Undertaker Now? Find Out

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After more than three decades of entertaining people at the highest level, he retired in 2020. How old is The Undertaker now?

His fans would have wished that he keeps at it but obviously, wrestling is not a sport that anyone can do forever.

However, The Undertaker can still continue to entertain his fans as an actor and not in the WWE ring any longer.

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In this article, we are going to discuss his age and the things he has achieved in all those years that he has lived on the earth.

You will get to know about his early life, his parents, siblings, educational background, career highlights, and many more.

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You are not just here to see how old is The Undertaker and go back with only that piece of information, you will learn a lot more about him before you leave.

How Old is The Undertaker: See His Biography

The Undertaker Net Worth
The Undertaker

In this section, learn all about The Undertaker’s family and educational background.

His birth name was Mark William Calaway.

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He was born in Houston, Texas, USA, to his parents, Frank Compton Calaway and Betty Catherine Truby.

The Undertaker was not alone as he was the fifth child of his parents.

David, Michael, Paul, and Timothy, were his siblings.

As the youngest child of his parents, how old is The Undertaker now?

We will find out but where did he acquire his education?

He attended Angelina College, which is located in Lufkin, Texas, about 115 miles northeast of Houston.

He was given a basketball scholarship in 1983 so he could go to college.

He transferred to Texas Wesleyan University in 1985 to play basketball and pursue a major in sports management.

He graduated from college in 1986 and briefly considered playing professional basketball in Europe before deciding to focus on wrestling.

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Career Highlights

The Undertaker is a famed former professional wrestler. He is also an actor.

He started his wrestling career a long time ago now and after more than three decades, he no longer takes to the ring to wrestle but his name is firmly etched in the books of the WWE as one of its very best performers over the course of the last three decades or so.

He debuted in professional wrestling for the World Class Championship Wrestling as Texas Red on June 26, 1987.

The Master of Pain and The Punisher were two wrestlers that The Undertaker wrestled when he first joined the Continental Wrestling Association in 1988.

Mean Mark Callous was his ring name when he initially signed with World Championship Wrestling in 1989.

However, he changed it to “The Undertaker” when he switched to the WWE in 1990.

The Undertaker became well-known for his “The Streak,” a string of 21 victories at WWE’s “WrestleMania.”

All these seem like a long time ago not since he achieved all of that, so how old is The Undertaker now?

I am sure you are so eager to know this but what’s the point in knowing his age when how he earned his fame is not known?

It is for this reason that the simplest thing of knowing how old he is is reserved for the last, by which time you would have known all that he is about.

A heartfelt 10-minute standing ovation from the in-person audience preceded Calaway’s 137-minute speech as part of his induction.

On November 22, 2020, The Undertaker—real name Mark William Calaway—retired from professional wrestling.

How old is The Undertaker?

How Old Is The Undertaker
The Undertaker

How old is The Undertaker? He was born on 24 March 1965, in Houston, Texas, United States, this means that he is 57 years old now.

More than five decades of life with more than three decades of influence is no joke for any professional.

The Undertaker has made his name and the WWE world and its fans will always give him the respect he deserves because he earned it.

Has he made any money from his wrestling career?

On June 26, 1987, he made his wrestling debut, and on November 22, 2020, he announced his retirement from the sport. T

The Undertaker has a current net worth of $17 million.

This is nothing more than he deserves after a more than three-decade career at the highest level.

Calaway invests in real estate with his business partner Scott Everhart.

The two’s “The Calahart” project, a $2.7 million undertaking in Loveland, Colorado, was finished in 2007. (a combination of their last names).


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