How To Focus On Yourself After Break Up – This Is The Next Video By Kiki of the famous YouTube Couple Kiki & Jay

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Few weeks ago, news broke about the break up of the famous YouTube couple Kiki and Jay who were one of the Internet’s favorite couple.

The then couple gained popularity after a video of them kissing went viral and was loved by everyone one who saw it because of how romantic and lovely they both looked together.

They definitely made money out of their relationship by creating a YouTube channel and gained lot of followers but few weeks ago the ship capsized which lead to them breaking up.

After the break up much has not been heard from the lady Jay, but Kiki the guy is continuing with the YouTube videos on his personal channel. He recently announced his next video which was titled “How to focus on yourself after break up”.

This has got lot of social media users laughing and teasing the guy, just because of how funny the title may sound to them.

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