How To Increase Download Speed of Utorrent 

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Utorrent is a powerful program with many options in settings. If you know how to manage the settings, it is possible to increase the download speed a lot. In this article, you will learn how to choose the fastest torrents with highest Seeder and Leecher ratio, as well as how to manage the settings to reach the maximum downloading speed.

How to choose the fastest torrent? 

When you are going to download a torrent file, you can see the ratios of seeds and leechers. What do these two terms mean and how are they connected with download speed? 

Make sure that you choose a torrent file with the highest ratio of Seeds/Leechers. 

It is recommended to run a download speed test. 

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This is how you can do this:

  • Start with visiting the website SpeedTest.Net to check the speed.
  • Once you do the test, you will see the results similar to this sample.
  • You must divide your download speed by 8. In our example, the actual download speed is 0.61/8 = 0.076 MBps, or in other words, we get 76 KBps. 
  • Finally, it is necessary to find out how much downloading speed you get while using uTorrent. If you see the same result as in the SpeedTest, there is no need to change the settings. However, if your result differs, below you will find the instructions on what to do next.

How to set up Utorrent to reach the maximum speed result?

If you use utorrent 2.2.1, you can get access to the option, which allows configuring uTorrent automatically. The program itself can test your network and make some changes to reach the best performance.

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Start with referring to uTorrent options, where you must press “Setup Guide” or “CTRL+G.”

Now you must run the test.

Once the speed test is completed, you should press on the “Save & Close” option. 

We recommend you to do the download speed test once again. 

In case, you are not happy with the result, follow the steps below by adding much faster torrent trackers:

Start with launching the Utorrent program.

You must right-press on the desired torrent file to see its properties.

You can see the “Tracker box” with many different trackers. You need to scroll down to the end of the list.

Your goal is to add as many trackers as possible to increase the speed. Do not worry if you have some duplicates. 

How to adjust the Bandwidth Settings

  1. Refer to the “Options” and press on “Preferences.” Alternatively, you can use the shortcut “CTRL+P.”
  2. Find the “Bandwidth” tab and set the desired values:
  3. Maximum Upload Rate: 10-15.
  4. Maximum Download Rate: 3600. 
  5. Global Maximum Numbers of Connections: 2329.
  6. A maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 250-300. 
  7. Maximum upload slots per torrent: 14.
  1. To save the changes, press on “Apply” and “OK.”

You can make some advanced adjustments:

Refer to the “Options” and press on “Preferences.” Alternatively, you can use the shortcut “CTRL+P.”

Go to the “Advanced” tab and set these values:

Look for “bt.connect_speed” and set the value to 80.

Find the filter called “net.max_halfopen,” where you must put the value: 100.

Then press on “Set” and then “OK.”

How can you prioritize your torrent file?

Start with right-clicking on the needed torrent file.

Set the “Bandwidth Allocation” to “High.”

Press “Apply” and “OK.”

Default uTorrent Settings

Many users try to adjust the settings of uTorrent on their own. If for some reason, you want to come back to uTorrent default settings, you should do the following: Back To Default?

Close the uTorrent program. It is essential to mention when you press on the “X” button, which is placed in the upper right corner of your PC screen, you just minimize the program. In order to close the program completely, you must press on the top arrow, which is located near the time.

Press “Run” or use the shortcut “Windows + R.”

You must type in the following “%AppData%\uTorrent” and press on “OK.”


The following files “settings.dat” and “settings.dat.old” must be removed. The settings can be cleared by uninstalling the program from your computer.


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