I can easily dash out 50k but I was hurt my employee betrayed my trust after everything I did for her – Fella Makafui

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Fella Makafui, a Ghanaian actress and businesswoman, has assertively stated that GHC 50,000 is not a major sum for her and that she can easily dash it out.

The actress reveals in an interview with blogger Zion Felix that she would be willing to give away such a large sum of money without feeling stressed.

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The topic of conversation was Fella’s recent assertion that a former worker had supposedly fled with exactly GHC 50,000. She explains her emotional response and makes it clear that the focus of her rant was not the actual stolen money.

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Instead, it stemmed from the hurt caused by someone she had been exceptionally kind to. Fella had not anticipated such betrayal from an employee she had treated well. Although she was venting out of pain, she acknowledges that money is just money and that she could easily give it away to anyone.

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“The reason why I was venting was not even about the fact that she stole the money. It was about the fact that na me y3 no papa paa [I was good to her]. Like I was so good to her, so coming from someone like her, I was just hurt. I did not expect an employee that was so good to hurt you like that. I was venting out of pain but at the end of the day, it’s money. That money, I could dash it to anyone,” she said.

Zion Felix questions her further about how she was able to part with such a substantial sum after being taken aback by her honest admission.

Fella responds with assurance, pointing out that she has workers who are paid well. GHC 50,000 is not a money she is willing to part with carelessly. She thinks that if one is fortunate and wealthy, they can choose to be kind with their money.

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Fella’s remark was in reaction to a query the blogger had made regarding her recent claim that an employee had defrauded her of GHC 50,000, which she had made public on Twitter. She adds more details to the incident by noting that the accused employee has been taken into custody.


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